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Sportsplex Winter I League and Instructional 2010 Schedule

Posted Tuesday, December 15, 2009 by administrator
Downloadable Form:   http://www.eteamz.com/capitallandlacrosse/files/10WINTER1GIRLS.pdf

All Winter I programs are Thursday evenings, 1/7 through 2/25, excluding 2/18.

Please read over the sections below for more information.


Capitalland Lacrosse is offering three indoor winter lacrosse programs in January and February of 2010.  The first is a fully-run league for all girls trying out for their varsity teams, as well as advanced JV-players, and post-graduates.   The second is an instructional program for players in grades 5-11.  The third is our non-contact "learn-to-play" program for grades K-5.

**NOTE:  A player could sign up for both leagues and instructional programs.  TIMES WILL NOT CONFLICT.**

A player should choose a level based on age and skill.  Advanced players may "play up" if experience allows.

Registrations are accepted by mail at 7 Azalea Ct., Clifton Park, NY, 12065 or within a half-hour of the start time of each session, as long as spots are available.  (Please note pay-per-night options are available for instructional programs, but not league play.)



Varsity & Open 
--For girls trying out for varsity teams, advanced JV players, and post-graduates
--Start times rotate between 5-6 p.m. with possible game at 4 p.m.
--Each player will be contacted by phone or by e-mail as to which team they are on and what time they will play the first night.  This contact will be no later than 1/5.
--The league schedule will be handed out on opening night and will appear on www.capitallandlacrosse.com by 1/12 at 6 p.m. 


**Please note that this league is NOT an instructional program.  Instructional program offerings are listed below.

**NOTE:  A player could sign up for both leagues and instructional programs.  TIMES WILL NOT CONFLICT.**


--$145 if paid by 12/31 and $155 if paid later
--Includes $30 non-refundable deposit
No pay-per-play option
Our fees are higher in winter due to higher Sportsplex rental fees.  


A team can be formed by any of the following means:

--Local high school or postgraduates may form a complete team.

--Local high school or postgraduates form a partial team and are then put on a team with another group of players.  All players from each school or youth team will be placed on the same team unless it is impossible because of the position of the players or because it conflicts with the league structure.

--An individual player can sign up as a free agent.  Free agents will be placed on a partial team or on the Capitalland Clubs' home team.  A Capitalland representative will coach this team. 


The league format will include weekly divisional play.  Records will be kept.  A playoff tournament will be held after the regular session league games conclude. Each game will be refereed by a qualified referee and supervised by a CLL representative.

The format of play will be 8 v. 8 setup, which includes the goalie.  Each game will have two 22-minute running halves with a 5-minute halftime. 

Since players do miss games due to sickness, vacations, etc., every team will be required to have 16 players on their roster, with a maximum of 18.  Any team not reaching 16 players will be considered a partial team, and Capitalland Lacrosse could add players to reach a full roster. 


Anyone over the age of 21 can be a coach.  If a group of players or free agents do not have a coach, a representative from Capitalland Lacrosse will coach the team.


Each player will receive an official game pinnie on the first night.



Coach Marylou Vosburgh
Current Head Coach, South Colonie High School Girls Varsity Lacrosse
Former Head Coach, SUNY Albany Women's Lacrosse

These programs highlight our expert coaching staff's ability to teach the intermediate, beginner and novice lacrosse players the right way to play lacrosse.  Our coaches will use the same skills, drills and live scrimmages that they have used to mold numerous all-league and all-American lacrosse players in the past

All instructional programs will be held Thursdays 1/7 to 2/25, excluding 2/18.  

**NOTE:  A player could sign up for both leagues and instructional programs.  TIMES WILL NOT CONFLICT.**

Instructional levels offered are:

This program is for intermediate and advanced players who have been playing lacrosse for a while.  Perfect for players who wish to refine their skills while being introduced to advanced techniques. 
--7-8 p.m. ($145 if paid by 12/31, or $155 if paid later), or $25/night

This program is for girls who are novice or beginner lacrosse players that need to sharpen their basic skills while being introduced to intermediate techniques that they'll need in order to earn a spot on their school's lacrosse teams.
--7-8 p.m. ($145 if paid by 12/31, or $155 if paid later), or $25/night

This program is for beginners only.  It's set in a fun, positive, hands-on atmosphere--just right for those who want to try the fastest-growing sport in America today.  We'll be using a puffball and no contact is allowed.
--6-7 p.m. ($120 if paid by 12/31, or $130 if paid later), or $20/night

There is a $20 pay-per-night option for the Co-Ed K-5 program, and $25 pay-per-night option for all others.




The Sportsplex of Halfmoon is located off Exit 8A of the Northway. Head east off the exit until you reach Route 9. Turn left and go about two miles. The Sportsplex is on the left behind the Soccer Unlimited store on Corporate Drive. Enter Corporate Drive at the sign for Pai's Tae-Kwon-Doe.


Players must wear personal equipment mandated by high school lacrosse regulations. There will be requisite equipment available for rent by any person in need. Cleats can be worn as long as they have no metal parts to them.


Pre-registration by mail to: Capitalland Lacrosse, 7 Azalea Ct., Clifton Park, NY 12065. Registrations will also be accepted 1/2 hour prior to each scheduled session as long as space is available.


If weather conditions are threatening, please contact 527-1340 or 527-6110 one hour before play for information as to whether programs will be in session.


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